I'm a creative at my core.

I have my hands in everything and have an insane hunger to learn, grow and improve myself. If I can make it better, I'm all over it. Doesn't matter how flashy, cool, or over-the-top…Does it communicate the story? Does it impact youDo you relate? That is the most important and driving factor.

No matter what, finding the solution is my goal. I believe that there's always a challenge, and there's always a solution to that challenge.

Find me on Twitter @Tomiga2
Instagram is @Tomigadirect

What i do

Helping creatives come up with campaigns and helping achieve that in budget and within brand vision. This is crucial to getting the most out of our content and how to best utilize content across different mediums. Wearing my producer hat, that means finding great talent and exploring new ways to tell our brand stories and communicate to our customers. 


First two letters of my first, middle and last name crammed together into a ::Tomiga:: It's pronounced 'toe-mee-ga' 


Air Force•US Army, Coors•Totinos•Goodwill
Christus Childrens Hospital•Valero Energy•Taco Cabana•Cleartalk Wireless•City of South Padre Island Tourism•City of PLANO Tourism•CPS Energy•GVEC
Express Lube•State of Texas•Santikos Entertainment•HEB
Brake Check•St Davids Hospital•Alamo Bowl•SPURS Entertainment•Gerber Knives•St. Mary’s University